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Obeying the great commission just got a lot easier

It’s Possible To Realize Your Full Potential & Accomplish God’s Purpose

Do you ever feel that, despite possessing food, shelter, warmth, security, and a sense of belonging, your life doesn’t have the meaning that you want it to have?

You may even be a committed Christian but you still haven’t realized your full potential.  You know you still need purpose.

You are not alone.

If you feel you have much more to give, but just don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place.

As human beings, we all have a deeply felt need to make a difference in the lives of others.  And we know instinctively that making that difference will feel pretty good. Actually, we know it will feel great.

The problem is that many of us believe making a difference comes from doing something larger than life.

The good news is,

femara cost plan I can help you fulfill your mission with purpose so you can make a difference in the World”

forxiga canada lighten I am EdHi, my name is Ed. 

https://www.abbasrazvi.dk/51626-tenovate-cream-price.html I’m a Globe International Goer who partners with Christ followers who want to obey His great commission and reach the least reached people of the World for Jesus so we can make a real difference in the world.

I help you make God’s mission your mission. Missions is the purpose of God, He desires for all to Worship him:

“Declare His Glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples!” 

Psalms 96:3:

The Great commission is our mutual mission.

https://quintonsportsmensclub.com/40817-ascorbic-acid-price.html orientate When you decide to team up with me to reach the least reached you’ll begin to realize your full potential as an obedient child of God.

In fact, that small decision can begin to transform your life and the world. Look at these Least Reached or Unreached People Groups:

  • There are 7.47 Billion people in the world today.
  • There are 3.14 Billion (42% of the world’s population) un-reached people in the world today.
  • 1,.6 Billion of these unreached people live in South Asia
  • There are 17,009 people groups. 7,079of those groups are unreached.

statistics from joshuaproject.net

The need is great. Here’s what will happen when you join us:

cheap Misoprostol no prescription You’ll become an important part as we “Make Disciples, Plant New Churches and Reach Least Reached Nations”.

“It has always been my desire to preach the Gospel where Christ is not yet known”. 

As your ambassador for Christ, I will go to other Countries to make disciples for Christ. I’ll also equip missionaries to tell lost people about Jesus Christ. Many of these needy people will make decisions to become his disciples and they will tell their friends about their new-found purpose. I’ll help them start new churches and the new churches will be instructed to multiply and make more new disciples and churches.

I wont stop there.

As director of Disciple Making and Church Planting Multiplication with Globe International I help over 150 missionaries make disciples and plant new churches.

I also started Misión Global in Mexico. It’s an agency that sends out Mexican missionaries to the world. We focus on sending our Mexican missionaries to unreached places where  it may be harder for an American to go to. Watch a video to find out more about Globe Mexico.

What we do is important but what you do really matters since we depend on partners like you to accomplish God’s mission and purpose as a team.

how to buy modafinil uk My Family


 Family Mission

I made my first trip to Mexico in 1985.  After making a few more trips I became a Globe International Goer in 1989.

I married my wife  on November 7th, 1992. That’s when she became a missionary to her own country.

In September of 2000 my daughter was born. We received her in our family in January, 2001.  Read our Adoption Story.

Get our biographical information.

Our Mission

Making disciples, establishing Indigenous Churches, and reaching unreached nations for Christ.

We have taken the command to “go into all the world and preach the Good News!” literally (Mark 16:15).

We are an inter-denominational organization. We do not promote religions. Although we are supported by individuals from many different denominations and groups, we are not a denomination. We promote a relationship with Christ.

Our Story

Goer for over 20 years

When I made my first Missions trip to Mexico in 1985 God gave me a vision for this country.

I started ministering as an evangelist to Mexico in 1989 and a couple of years later married my wife. We ministered as evangelists to Mexico for almost 11 years. We didn’t just want to win souls, our goal has always been to make disciples for Jesus.

Although we were very involved in starting one church, we didn’t become Pastors until July 19th, 2001 when we started our first church in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco. As Pastors we saw new converts turn into mature Christians. So we launched our next church on October 19th 2004.

After placing pastors in these Churches, we moved to Chiapas where, on September 17th, 2006, we began pastoring once again. We have learned that by planting churches and establishing National Pastors we are able to combat at least 2 of the world’s major problems which are spiritual blindness and ego-centric leadership.

We now provide spiritual covering and oversight to well over 200 Churches. Most of them are native Indian churches and all of them are indigenous. Although, we are still learning, over 20 years of experience is now showing some quality fruit.

Answers to your Questions.

What’s your vision?

What’s your strategy, What do you do?

Just give me the basics, what’s the nuts and bolts of your ministry?

Can you tell me a more about how you handle finances?

Financial accountability

In addition to our missions agencies and church coverings, we are also members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability


What Others are saying…

“It is without reservation that I heartily endorse the ministry of Ed! Edcomes from Faith Tabernacle in Florence, Alabama and has been a missionary to Mexico for many years. He has maintained an excellent relationship with his pastor as well as the missionaries with whom he has worked. I appreciate his spirit and ministry. Because of his servant heart, Ed will be a blessing to any church or people where he ministers. He has traveled with me to Chiapas, Mexico and preached in our annual convention.”
Dr. Dale Yerton
President of Worldwide Goer Evangelism,
Van Buren, AK

From The Pastor

“I am happy to recommend to you the ministry of Ed and Ana ! Ed has been a member of our Fellowship for over 25 years and theirs is a proven ministry among the people of Mexico. We have sent groups to assist them on site and it is evident that they are loved and well respected by all that know them. The Lord is using their gifts to plant, cultivate, and equip his Church!”

Faith Tabernacle Church, Florence Alabama

From The Mexican Pastor

“As long as Edhas been a part of our organization I have found him to be an honest and responsible person! Edhas had to face a very difficult situation with the adoption that he and Anna have been working towards for several years. One of the main reasons that Edhas had such a difficult situation is because he just plain ole refuses to lie and pay bribes. To me that is very commendable.”
Pastor Pablo Casillas,
President of C.C.V.N. Religious Association, Mexico.

From Visiting Pastors

“I was impressed with this couple from the first day we met! They have a genuine love for others that is expressed with gentle kindness and patience. They value and model such qualities as integrity, commitment and responsibility. It can be seen in their marriage, their family and their faith. They have demonstrated a strong work ethic that is seasoned with creativity and flexibility. I have appreciated their tenacity and devotion in the face of many difficult circumstances, both as missionaries and in their adoption process.”
David Hunt,
Provisions for Life, Mobile, AL

From Family

“Edand Ana are in one word, “content.” Their life focuses together around their church and missionary work. They have a sincere desire to help or bring help to all people who want to hear God’s word. In Mexico, they started a church, which his mother and I had the good fortune to see for ourselves. They also initiated efforts to provide and deliver food to the needy. Their character is truly loving, gentle, sincere and caring. Their strength is how they live what they preach and teach from the Bible. ”
Edward ,
Ed’s Father


“Greetings to the Family!
I hope this email finds all of you well and very blessed.

I am enjoying the newsletters and especially the websites.

I think of all of you often and pray for you. Please let me know of any specific prayer concerns so that I can lift them up to the Lord in agreement with you.

My husband and I have committed to support your ministry financially as the Lord has led us to do. We are being so blessed by doing this as the Lord honors our commitment.

I know God is in your work. He keeps you on the hearts and minds of people thousands of miles away. It is just like the Holy Spirit to nudge me to pray for you just when you need it the most. Oh, what a Savior!”

In His Service,
Robbie Goodwin

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