Why Purpose?

“Why Having Purpose in Missions Produces Immediate & Eternal Results”why purpose?

If a Goer Is Not Making Disciples and Establishing New Churches Is He Really Effective?

dapsone gel price Are you tired of contributing to missions efforts that are not effective?

motilium usa arbitrate Have you ever given to a charity only to find that they had no real purpose in their efforts?

Many Missions efforts dedicate http://shorelinecreativegroup.com/68406-female-viagra-price-in-indian-rupees.html have failed because they lack a goal, vision and real purpose in their ministry.

Good Missions Investments are hard to come by, Goer must be willing to leave their homes and families, be well established, speak the language, know the culture, and be devoted to the Country in which they reside.

Here is a list of some of the major problems associate with world evangelism today:

  • The lack of passion
  • Health concerns
  • Family problems
  • Can’t learn the language
  • Lack of finances
  • Burnout
  • Can’t find their niche/ ministry

Despite the obstacles, there are missionaries who really are making a difference in the World today avert rogaine canada .

imuran cost It is possible to invest in World Missions and harvest immediate as well as eternal rewards. When Missions is combined with Purpose, real success is promising.

http://theartistseven.com/null “If Goer know their purpose, proven results are easily achieved.”  Ed

“Why Having Purpose Makes All The Difference  in the World”

If a purpose or activity is of human origin it will fail.

However, the Bible says that when David had served can you buy clomid over the counter in south africa God’s purpose in his generation he fell…. asleep, because he had fulfilled his mission in life.

  • God had a Purpose when He Sent His Son Jesus into the World. Jn 3:16

  • Jesus had a Purpose when He came to the Earth. “I have come that they may have life and that more abundantly”

  • Christ had a Purpose when He Gave The Great Commission. “Go into all the World and Preach the Good News”.  “Go and Make Disciples….”

  • The Family has a Purpose in their Missions Endeavors. “His Purpose..Our Mission

When it comes to Missions and the Great Commission You Too Can Make a Difference in the World…

“Ana, Cristi and I are blessed by your desire to help share a message of hope and love with the Nations

I want to invite you to team up with us as we reach out to some very real needs.

My family and I have been foreign Goer for almost 3o years.

Our purpose begins as we fulfill God’s purpose when it comes to World Missions.

So What is our purpose?

Our Purpose is to Love God, Love Others and To Go & Teach Nations to Obey Christ’s Commands

Financial support partners

Our Mission Is To Make Disciples & Establish Indigenous Churches In All Nations.

We Exist To Help You Be Obedient To Christ as We Go & Make Disciples, Plant Churches, & Reach Nations

We also have a mission in our personal life. 

Are We Really Effective in our Missions Efforts? and if so, why are we so successful?

Allow me to answer this question with another question.

“Can our joint missions efforts really make a difference if we don’t have a plan?”

“We are successful, we have a plan that works very effectively”  Ed

Missions is God’s solution to reach out to the world with the message of Love ,Joy, Peace & Eternal Salvation. Here’s our Method for accomplishing God’s Goal.


  • Planting Churches
    (to attack spiritual lostness)
  • Equipping Servant leaders
    (to attack ego-centric leadership)
  • Assisting the Poor
    (to attack poverty)
  • Care for the sick
    (to attack disease)
  • Educating the next Generation
    (to attack illiteracy and minister to children)

This is not only the plan, it is what we are actually doing on the Mission field. These methods help us to achieve our goal.

5 Compelling Proofs of Your Missions Prayers and Financial Support in Action”

Here’s what we have accomplished and are currently doing to produce exponential results in our missions work:

  1.  New Church plants and the birth of Unanimous Ministries which is over 200 Churches Strong and growing

  2. Raising up Pastors and Spiritual leaders, equipping the Church through powerful preaching and anointed teaching

  3. Ministering in the poorest regions of Mexico by offering food, clothing and most of all hope

  4. Host to countless numbers of medical teams who meet the physical needs of the sick

  5. A High priority on children and their educational and spiritual needs

How Can You Become a Part of our Success?

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