Some People Get to Hear the Gospel While Others Don’t… It’s Just Plain Wrong! settle Is it fair for some to hear the Gospel while others don’t get that opportunity?It's just plain wrong for some people get to hear the Gospel while others don't!

The simple answer is еxperiment prasugrel cost No.

Life is NOT fair. 

It’s just plain wrong for some people get to hear the Gospel while others don’t!

That’s why in my last article I addressed the need of the over 3 billion people who have never heard of Christ. and asked “Why aren’t we more concerned? 

It helps when people are warned of imminent upcoming disaster

In the last few months our family went through 3 natural disasters. An earthquake, a hurricane and a tornado (we saw it but it didn’t touch down at our house).

I was thinking about how much warning we get with natural disasters and how it relates to an even greater spiritual disaster:

  • Hurricane- 4 or 5 days warning (our people) 
  • Tornado-  a few minutes warning (people in other nations we send missionaries to) 
  • Earthquake- No warning- comes as a thief in the night (people who have not yet had the opportunity to hear the Gospel) 

Here’s the spiritual disaster. Those who have access to the Gospel get a warning while 3.1 billion of the World’s population have no warning.

Those who have not had the opportunity to hear about Christ are often referred to as Unreached People Groups or UPG’s. Most UPG’s have no warning and they will spend eternity in hell unless we get the good news to them.

I need to respond to this question personally before I ask others to respond…


Called to Go

I remember God calling me to become a missionary when I first went to Mexico in 1985. I saw people who would die and go to hell if I didn’t do something about it.

A few years ago when I took perspectives and started traveling to Asia I saw the need to multiply into unreached Nations. That’s why instead of concentrating solely on Mexico I’m trying to reach people who have never heard the Gospel.

Poll Results: 3.1 Billion People Have Never Heard of Christ… Why Aren’t We More Concerned? 

In my last article I asked our readers to respond to a poll. I stated the problem:

Of the World’s 7.47 billion people over 3 billion people of them have never heard the Gospel.

2 out of every 5 (3.1 billion) people have never had the opportunity to hear the Good news and Satan wants to keep them from knowing Christ.

Why aren’t we doing more to meet this need?

I believe obedient Christians want to fulfill the great commission to go into all the World and preach the Gospel but need help. 

Here are the results that come from reader answers (and my research)…

Question: Why aren’t we trying to reach people who have never heard of Christ (UPG’s)?

I’m breaking this problem down into 3 parts; The external problem, the internal problem, and the philosophical problem which is very important: Why is it “just plain wrong” for us NOT to be burdened by this problem?


3.1 billion people have never heard of Christ …How does this problem relate to us personally as committed Christ followers? confirm (External Problem: What’s the problem? Physical problems, financial problems, relational problems)

  • The problem is we don’t know where to start.  
  • Don’t know how or what to do next 
  • Don’t have the time nor the means to go 
  • There are no contacts in these areas 
  • Our main priority is NOT to go to UPG’s 
  • We know God commands us to make disciples but don’t know where to go 
  • We don’t know how to share the gospel  
  • Perhaps we’re lazy or complacent. 
  • We’re too preoccupied with our own life or problems. 
  • We’re not doing anything in our homeland so why should we be concerned about other Countries

How does this UPG problem make us feel? (Internal Problem: Doubts, fears and insecurities the external problem manifest)

  • methocarbamol cost lobby We want to please God but this too big of a problem for just one person.
  • Insecure. 
  • We feel alone 
  • Many Christians don’t know if they’re called  (as a goer or sender) to missions or UPG’s
  • We’re deceived that only foreign missionaries, ministers and clergy should win the lost to Christ 
  • We don’t believe the lost will actually die and go to hell if they don’t follow Christ. 

Why is it “just plain wrong” for some to hear the good news while others don’t even know who Christ is?

(Philosophical Problem: good vs. evil. Lives in the world of should and ought . Is there something there for you?)

  • Everybody in the World should have a chance to hear about Jesus.  
  • It’s not fair for some to hear multiple times while others have never had an opportunity  

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