Taxi Driver in Southeast Asia Hears About the Bible for the First Time diagram You know what a bible is but 2 out of every 5 people on Earth don’t even know what a Bible is condense Andre Provost and I have been in Southeast Asia ministering to people who have never had an opportunity to hear about Christ.

prozac uk discover People of PeaceWe just visited one Asian nation where we’re not free to openly preach the Gospel. I asked you to please pray that God would lead us to “people of peace” and God was faithful to lead us to Tr?ong and Linda. They’re English teachers who helped us facilitate Biblical storytelling groups in their Country. Please continue to pray for God to lead us to more receptive people who can change their community.

Storytelling with young people
Storytelling with young people

important link We shared Bible stories with many groups of English students and have a lot of great testimonies but here’s a story of a person who God had prepared his heart to hear:
Upon entering a taxi we discovered the driver spoke English so I shared the story of David and Goliath with him.

buy priligy in pakistan We told him the story came from the most popular book of all time.

He was very intrigued about our story.

Then we asked him what he liked about the story.
He replied that it reminded him of a similar story about people being led out of captivity. He had watched the movie, “The Prince of Egypt” 3 times.

We told him that story also came from the same book.
He asked,

“What’s the name of this book?”

“This most read book is called the Bible”, we replied.
Then he asked,

“How can I read this book?

We told him how to get a Bible and as we begin to share more Good News with him he was very thankful.

It’s so sad. Out of over 7 billion people in the World, there are over 3 billion people just like him who don’t know what a Bible is.

How can they follow Jesus Christ if they have never even heard of Him before?

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