Over 3 Billion People Have Never Heard of Christ… Why Aren’t We More Concerned?

tenovate ointment price label Why aren’t more committed Christians trying to reach people who have never heard of Christ?WHY AREN'T MORE CHRISTIANS CONCERNED ABOUT REACHING PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD OF CHRIST-

I ask myself this question frequently.  First of all, I don’t direct that question to others.

I’m troubled by my own lack of concern.

So the question is,

http://baileygroupmtd.co.uk/48978-vermox-canada.html еducate Why am I not more concerned about people in Nations where Christ is not yet known?

Of the World’s 7.47 billion people over 3 billion people of them have never heard the Gospel. That’s why I shared 3 Ways We’re Reaching People Who Have Never Heard of Christ in my last article.

When I travel to least reached Nations I walk down the streets and actually see people who may die and go to hell if I don’t do something about it. I see families and faces and realize their need. It’s staggering to think that well over 95 out of every 100 people who I see don’t know Christ and have never even heard of him. That’s why I pray,

“Lord , help me to be more concerned about these lost and dying people who have never had an opportunity to follow Christ.”

However, when I return home I gradually become less concerned about the people I see.

sominex uk compose The old saying,  “Out of sight, out of mind” becomes a reality.

I’ve been examining my own heart and asking myself why I’m not more concerned, even after seeing these people firsthand. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to understand the gravity of this problem since it’s hard for you to imagine that this lost world exists.

Why aren’t committed Christians more concerned about the over 3 billion people in the World who have never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel? http://www.melodyshekari.com/18453-female-viagra-uk-nhs.html defer  

http://danabenningfield.com/78029-flonase-prescription-vs-otc.html Here’s some possible answers:

Are there other reasons we’re not more concerned about lost people in unreached nations or even in our own nation?

What do you think?  (I appreciate your comments below)

Is it fair for some to hear the Gospel while others don’t get that opportunity?

Read my next article entitled “Some People Get to Hear the Gospel While Others Don’t… It’s Just Plain Wrong!”

Now let’s bring this a little closer to home. What about people you actually can see or are more likely to meet?

Why am I not more concerned about lost people?

Why are committed Christians not more concerned about lost people?

I’m sure you have friends and family members who are lost without Christ. I care about them and I’m sure you do too. But is it enough to just be a little concerned?
Why are we not doing more to reach the lost?
Are we self-centered or complacent?
Maybe we’re not concerned about eternal life.
What do you think?

Would you please give me your input?

I appreciate your input in the comments below…

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